"Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden."

— Robert Brault

Who We Are

Welcome to The Little Garden Preschool. We are a neighborhood preschool in West Los Angeles where children are able to embrace their natural curiosity and begin their formal education in preparation for kindergartenYoung children are powerful learners, driven to create theory, meaning, and understanding of the world around them and The Little Garden Preschool allows them to do so.  

We serve children ages 2-5 and ensure they learn the proper skills to excel in their kindergarten program.  Our unique program is based on The California Preschool Learning Foundations and The California Preschool Curriculum Framework, which outlines the foundation of basic early childhood education. This combination of basic learning and creative expression will provide the nutrients for your child to grow into kindergarten. 

The Little Garden Preschool provides 1600 square feet of indoor space with stations defined for different types of learning.  From our library corner to our dramatic play area to our (often messy) arts and crafts area, we have all the stimuli your growing child needs.  We also have two separate and equally valuable outdoor environments spanning 2200 square feet. The Little Garden comes to life in our nature-based space, which includes an organic garden, outdoor art station, and materials for building and exploration. Our more traditional space encourages children to run, jump, swing, climb, and ride bikes.

At The Little Garden Preschool, we work hard to make sure your child has fun while learning the critical skills needed to become an exceptional student and member of the community.  We value your dedication to parenting and will compliment your hard work with an environment that will be nurturing and memorable.