Miss Jolene

Mrs. Jolene Doucette is director and owner of The Little Garden Preschool. She was a born an educator and wanted to start her own preschool since she was a child. She is the oldest of five children and spent most of her childhood caring for her younger siblings. While in high school, she started working at a local preschool and her career in early childhood development began. She continued with several jobs in education including a neighborhood child care center, several summer camps, and helping at elementary schools before enrolling in her undergraduate program.  

Jolene graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. Her focus was special education and she minored in communications.  Bridgewater State University is known for cultivating exceptional teachers and is one of the most recognized colleges in Massachusetts for education.

Jolene taught kindergarten in several public schools for 7 years in three states, including Massachusetts, Arizona, and California.  Experiencing different types of standards and curriculum in multiple schools gave Jolene a well-rounded understanding of what children need to excel in kindergarten.  More recently, Jolene spent 4 years at WISH Charter Elementary School in Westchester, CA. WISH is an innovative school that is known for its inclusion model which pairs children of all capabilities in the same classroom.  In 2016, Jolene took over ownership of the before and after school program, West LA Extended Day, at WISH Charter and she continues to be an integral part of the WISH community.

Jolene experienced the benefits of the inclusion based model and wanted to bring these opportunities to families in West Los Angeles looking for similar ideals for their preschool aged children. The Little Garden Preschool is a dream come true and Jolene's passion for early childhood development will be a cornerstone of the curriculum and program.

Learn. Grow. Play.


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Miss Kizzy

Miss Kizzy has lived most of her life in Los Angeles CA, but has also lived in Arizona and Belize. She is currently working on her Associates degree at Santa Monica Community College. She is majoring in Early Childhood Development. Miss Kizzy knows American Sign Language and enjoys teaching it to her students. Having 12 siblings, Miss Kizzy has always been around children and loves working with them. When she is not working, or at school, Miss Kizzy loves to dance and travel to new places.